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Hester : Asger Carlsen

The Tower of David, an unfinished skyscraper in downtown Caracas, has been the home of 3,000 people for the past several years. Now, the world’s tallest slum is being evacuated: http://nyr.kr/1nXJAAo
Photograph by Sebastian Liste.
La chimie des visions : MARIANNE PLO
Il photographie les enterrements de vie de jeune fille en Angleterre STAGS, HENS & BUNNIES DOUGIE WALLACE
Mamma Andersson by Christian Hawkey
Reddit / History in Color
Oncle Charlie, Marc Asnin
Best wishes for your birthday and many more to come - Rotograph Co. (New York, N.Y.) — Publisher - ID: 1585398 - NYPL Digital Gallery